Umbraco Codegarden preview

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It seems like the Umbraco community has a particular buzz around this time of year. I have heard quite a few stories about Codegarden, the Umbraco conference which takes place every summer. It is of course situated in Denmark, the birth place of Umbraco and for a number of years now people have been flocking to Copenhagen to hear more about what is on the horizon for this open-source .NET CMS.

I have been working with Umbraco for a while now so it was probably about time that I managed to get a ticket... yes this will be my first Codegarden! Big thanks to Zone for making that happen.

After looking at the schedule, here are a few that I have picked out...

Umbraco Roadmap Panel

Find out about all that is coming up in future releases of Umbraco. Version 7 was a big step, but Umbraco is a product that keeps on moving. There have also been some rather big changes within Microsoft and .NET itself and so it could be that we hear about how Umbraco will be looking to integrate with vNext. I'm really looking forward to see what is in store.

How to develop a killer package

Lee and Matt outline all that is required to make a package and get it out on the appropriate channels. Kind of like an overview of how to contribute to Umbraco with new ideas or improvements. As someone who would like to get more involved in this side of things, it should prove to be a helpful guide.

Beyond the web

We primarily see Umbraco as a traditional CMS which maps directly to website content and it's HTML. This session looks to help us realise that Umbraco can be used for other purposes and that this can be tied with all sorts of other connected devices. One for the future maybe.

Securing Your Umbraco

We build Umbraco websites on a regular basis and many of these are live at present. All across the world, there could be someone who has malicious intentions towards your website. This session looks at preventing that. This is something I'm hoping I won't walk away from with too much shock, but it's definitely an important aspect of maintaining websites.

See you there permalink

I have only listed a few here, but there is a great schedule and I'm sure there will be sessions outside of the above which will really take my attention. For instance, the sessions geared towards customising Umbraco, using ReactJS with Umbraco or how to deal with load balancing and then there are also the workshops...

And of course getting to meet all the people that I follow on Twitter whilst sharing a drink or two will be great too. (I'm a big fan of Mikkeller btw)

For all those that are attending this year, see you at Codegarden! And to everyone else, be sure to keep track of all of the updates and find out all that is happening with the world of Umbraco.