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It's been a while, but after the launch of Hylia by Andy Bell, I figured it was about time that I updated my personal site.

With that, the opportunity for a bit of a refresh arised and so was born.

Personal brand permalink

I've not toyed too much with changing my username, it's mostly been mozzy16 from an early start and then I tried tcmorris to give a more professional spin.

The origins of mozzy16 are rather boring, a play on my surname and my birth date. tcmorris was just tied to my name.

After being called mozzy, moz or mo quite often, it seems appropriate to stay along those lines. This time just with a developer spin, since that's what I do.

Why is this important? permalink

Here's some reading that you might find of interest from Paul Seal of fame.

Andy tells us his story too: So long, HankChizlJaw

Personal sites permalink

With a personal brand goes a personal site. Sure, you could write on Medium or some other online community, but in doing so you're effectively losing a level of control over your content. If I wanted to change anything on this site, I've got the source code, including all the posts and images that go with it. In migrating from Jekyll, all I needed to do was copy and paste some files.

If you're wanting to start a personal site, perhaps try something like Hylia as a starting point.