New job

— 2 minute read

As of 12th Feb, I will be the newest member of the beer subscription company, BeerBods and will be taking up the role of CTO / Head Geek.

That sounds great, but what does it mean I hear you ask? Well, I'll be looking at their current website offering, giving it a refresh and building out new functionality. In terms of infrastructure and integrations, I'll be looking at ways to introduce tech in all aspects of the business. The focus will be on how BeerBods can become better, and how to grow as a company. There are a number of projects on the horizon and lots of great ideas, it'll be my task to understand and evaluate how these can come to fruition and be integrated from a tech point of view.

It's probably worth rewinding for a second, to mention a little more about BeerBods and how they got started. Back in 2011, Matt started having beer tastings in his shed. A year later and an idea about drinking better beer using the web as a platform formed. A simple website to launch and #beerbods was born on Twitter, every Thursday at 9pm you can enjoy a beer (each individual has the same beer) and talk about it online. Shortly after, it managed to become a fully fledged business and the orders were coming in. The social element and the stories behind what you are drinking is a core aspect of the business.

Now, those of you who know me will probably not be surprised to find out that I've managed to get a role working in the beer industry. I've been interested in the beer scene for a number of years. When I was at uni, I remember heading to the local supermarket and getting some mates round to rate the beer we just bought. Back in those days, it was more traditional ale of course, but the experience, finding new beers and social part of the tastings was very much part of it. Similar to what Matt and the BeerBods team aim to do.

I can't wait to get started.